"Obama can still cause further harm to Israel"

PM warns ministers not to criticize Barack Obama on anti-Israel UN resolution because Obama can still take further steps to harm Israel.

Gary Willig ,

Netanyahu speaking during cabinet meeting
Netanyahu speaking during cabinet meeting

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu urged government ministers, especially from his Likud party, not to criticize US President Barack Obama after the US allowed the passage of an anti-Israel resolution at the UN Security Council, warning them that Obama could take further steps against Israel during his remaining time in office.

The Prime Minister had previously criticized President Obama's decision to abstain.

"All the American presidents after Carter have stood by the US promise not to allow the UN to force Israel to do anything. Yesterday, US President Barack Obama violated this promise - as well as his own promise from 2011- when he did not use his veto power to veto this anti-Israel resolution in the UN." Netanyahu said.

Other ministers went further in criticizing Obama. Culture Minister Miri Regev told Army Radio that Obama's "ego overcame his brains."

"I knew Obama was looking to take sweet revenge against Israel and Netanyahu. From the day he was elected in 2009, he was hostile to 'settlements' and Netanyahu. He revealed his true face with this anti-Israel decision but Netanyahu and Israel will defeat him." Regev added.

Tourism Minister Yariv Levin said that the decision to abstain was "an act of revenge against American voters who chose Trump" rather than an act directed against Netanyahu or Israel.