Arutz Sheva reporter threatened as Arabs evicted from Church

Police in Jeruslaem evict invading Arabs from Church in Jerusalem. Arutz Sheva reporter covering event is threatened.

Eliran Aharon ,

Arabs threaten Arutz 7 reporter
Arabs threaten Arutz 7 reporter
photo: Eliran Aharon

Police on Sunday evicted the Arabs who had vandalized and taken over the “Living Bread Church” in Jerusalem near the Old City. The Arutz Sheva reporter who documented the event was threatened by the Arabs.

Last week, Arutz Sheva reporter Eliran Aharon accompanied Jerusalem City Council member Aryeh King on his visit to the Living Bread Church. The church had been destroyed by a gang of Arabs last month. The reporter was threatened by the gang then as well.

Today, councilman King said: "When I was called to investigate the building taken over by Muslims last week, I said then that I would take them off the property."

"I declared then that Israeli law needs to be enforced on the Muslim lawbreakers, and I thank the Jerusalem Police and the Israeli government, who listened and carefully examined the legal situation. Now, in broad daylight, the Jerusalem police threw out the Arab invaders and restored law and order. As a member of the City Council I promised that I would act to apply the sovereignty and law in all Jerusalem neighborhoods, and I'm very glad that this happened today," he added.

King stressed, "It is time that Muslims in the city learn not to mess with me and with Israeli law. They have to learn that in the capital of Israel, the law is Israeli law not the laws of the desert and of the Bedouin tribes."