Berlin truck terrorist visited mosque after murderous attack

Security camera video reveals Muslim terrorist who murdered 12, wounded dozens more, showing up at local mosque after attack.

David Rosenberg ,

Scene of Berlin market attack
Scene of Berlin market attack

Police say that Anis Amri, the prime suspect in Monday’s deadly terror attack in Berlin, visited a local mosque shortly after the murderous attack that killed 12 and left 48 wounded.

On Friday it was revealed that Amri, a 24-year old Tunisian migrant living in Germany, was spotted on a closed circuit television system while entering a mosque in the Moabit neighborhood of Berlin.

Authorities have reported that Amri entered the mosque roughly eight hours after the attack on a Christmas market, in which a truck ran down shoppers preparing for the upcoming Christmas holiday.

The mosque in question was raided by police on Thursday in connection with the ongoing investigation into Monday’s attack