IDF soldier shot in Shechem

Terrorists open fire on IDF soldiers operating in Balata, on outskirts of Samarian city of Shechem.

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IDF unit in Shechem
IDF unit in Shechem
IDF Spokesperson

An IDF soldier was wounded early Friday morning when terrorists opened fire on Israeli forces operating in the town of Balata on the outskirts of Shechem in Samaria.

The wounded soldier was evacuated to a hospital, where his injuries have been listed as light-to-moderate. His condition is stable.

Israeli forces apprehended two wanted terrorists during the operation in Balata, and confiscated spare parts of firearms.

In a separate operation, IDF forces arrested a wanted terrorist from Hirbat a-Tabke in Judea, who is suspected of violent attacks against Israeli civilians and security forces.

A third IDF operation overnight led to the confiscation of thousands of shekels in terror infrastructure funding in the town of Seir in Judea.