Expert: Europe should learn from Israel

Middle East expert Dr. Dror Manor predicts the recent terrorist attacks in Europe will change the face of the continent.

Benny Tocker ,

Site of Berlin attack
Site of Berlin attack

Middle East expert Dr. Dror Manor told Arutz Sheva on Thursday that he believes that the recent terrorist attacks in Europe will change the face of the continent.

"Germany, France and Britain are in a difficult situation. The Europeans need to wake up from their naiveté and strengthen their security and defense systems. Maybe they ought to learn from Israel," Manor said, noting that Europeans have for years advocated for equal rights and human rights, resulting in the intensification of fundamentalist movements.

"Today there are entire districts in Europe which close during Muslim prayers. For years they didn’t place boundaries for the Muslims and the result is that extremists have taken over Europe," he added, estimating that sooner or later the citizens of Europe will bring about change.

"You see the protests and the involvement of the citizens in Germany. There are even fears that due to this mess with the refugees, the extreme right will rise to power – and that may harm Israelis living in Berlin,” said Dr. Manor.

"France also needs to experience a shock in order to move on. The Europeans will have to greatly enhance their security systems, be alert to suspicious objects, close potentially hazardous areas and change their policy," he concluded.

Earlier on Thursday, German security forces arrested four suspects as they continue their manhunt for Anis Amri who perpetrated the truck attack in Berlin in which 12 people were murdered.

Amri is a 24-year-old of Tunisian origin who is suspected of having used six different aliases while residing in Germany.

Also on Wednesday, Germany issued a 100,000 euro ($105,000) reward for information which would lead to Amri’s capture.