Jerusalem resident indicted for assaulting teenage girl

18-year old haredi man charged with assaulting a 14 year old girl in Jerusalem after telling her she had a bug on her clothes.

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Prisoner captive jail bars
Prisoner captive jail bars

An 18-year old haredi man was charged with assaulting a 14-year old girl in Jerusalem Thursday the haredi Behadrei Haredim news website reported

The alleged assault took place last Wednesday, in the Mekor Baruch neighborhood of Jerusalem. The suspect, a resident of Romema, also located in Jerusalem, allegedly approached the girl and told her she had a cockroach on her clothes. He offered to help her get the bug off and proceeded to attack her.

The Jerusalem District Attorney's office filed an indictment against the suspect Thursday, along with a request to keep the suspect in custody until the end of the trial.

The Jerusalem Magistrate Court, however, decided to release the suspect under restrictive conditions.

The prosecution sought to delay the release and filed an appeal against it. At present, the suspect remains in custody.