9 Islamic converts return to their Jewish faith

Five women and four children who were smuggled out of Arab villages by Yad Le'Achim returned to their Jewish roots.

Yoel Domb ,

Four Children
Four Children
Yad Le'Achim

Nine people returned from Islam to Judaism recently with the help of Yad Le'Achim activists.

Five women and four children were smuggled out of Arab villages. After a team of social workers affiliated with the organization had prepared the mothers for their return to the Jewish fold and a team of counselors had been assigned to the children and taught them to read, write and relate to Jewish traditions, the nine returned to the fold of Judaism in a special ceremony at the Jerusalem Rabbinical Court.

One of them is Tziporah (a pseudonym). Tziporah, who is from a traditional Ramat Gan family, converted to Islam and was married to an Arab for six years, five of which she spent in an Arab village. Over the course of the years Tziporah gave birth to a girl who was sent to an Islamic kindergarten.

After an extended period of indescribable suffering, Tziporah and her daughter were smuggled out of the village and placed in a Yad Le'Achim safe house.

Last week, when she emerged from the emotional ceremony marking her return to Judaism, Tziporah met with family members who were waiting outside the court to her surprise and for the first time in seven years they agreed to meet her and reestablish relations with her.

"It is difficult to describe the tears and emotions of Tziporah and her family at that moving meeting," said the Yad Le'Achim social worker who accompanied her from the time she had asked for help.

"In the past year I have undergone a transformation in my life. With the help of Yad Le'Achim I have learnt to recognize my Judaism afresh and have returned to my people and to my family," said Tziporah, adding that "I want to thank Yad Le'Achim for all the support and help along the way and for mediating between me and my beloved family so that they would receive me back again. My little girl has started to learn in a Jewish kindergarten and is overjoyed."