MK Dichter: Do not allow Ghattas into Knesset

Likud MK asserts that Arab MK suspected of trying to aid terrorists could facilitate terror attack if not barred from Knesset premises.

Tal Polon ,

Avi Dichter
Avi Dichter
Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

MK Avi Dichter (Likud) called this morning to forbid MK Basel Ghattas of the Arab Joint List from even entering the Knesset premises.

Ghattas is under investigation on suspicions that he attempted to smuggle cellular devices to jailed Hamas terrorists.

Dichter explained that Ghattas poses a threat as a facilitator of terror attacks on public officials.

“This man could enter the Knesset with weapons; he could deposit them at his office and, later, somebody who wants to come and commit an attack, G-d forbid, against the Prime Minister or anyone else [would have weapons on hand already to do so].

“This man has been caught as a criminal. He [should not] enter the Knesset [as of] yesterday,” Dichter told Army Radio.