Watch: Foiled attempt to smuggle cell phones to terrorists

After Arab MK questioned over alleged smuggling of cell phones to jailed Hamas terrorists, prison officials foil new smuggling attempt.

Ido Ben Porat ,

Ktzi'ot Prison
Ktzi'ot Prison

Israeli prison officials foiled the attempted smuggling of mobile phones to jailed terrorists in the Ktzi’ot Prison, following revelations that an Arab MK allegedly sneaked cellular devices in to Hamas terrorists.

After the Prison Service was notified of the alleged smuggling by MK Basel Ghattas (Arab Joint List), searches were conducted in visitation rooms in prisons across Israel.

In Ktzi’ot Prison in southern Israel, prison guards discovered that a panel around the glass partition separating prisoners from visitors had been pulled open and then replaced.

Upon closer inspection, guards discovered eight cell phones hidden in the panel, presumably left to be picked up by terrorists at a later time through the panel on the opposite side of the partition.

Prison officials say they believe the phones were destined for members of the Islamic Jihad terror group being held at the prison.

Responding to the alleged smuggling of similar devices by MK Ghattas, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu warned Sunday evening that the incident constituted a serious security breach.

“If the suspicions against MK Ghattas are proven true, then it amounts to a very serious threat to Israeli security and civilians. Anyone who harms the state’s security needs to be punished severely, and must not be allowed to serve in the Israeli Knesset.”