Poll: Israelis worry about intermarriage

New poll shows 70% of Israelis concerned about Diaspora Jews' intermarriage rates.

Yoni Kempinski ,

Jewish wedding in Hevron
Jewish wedding in Hevron
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A new study done in honor of the Week of Connection to Diaspora Jewry shows how deep the connection between Israel's Jews and Diaspora Jews really is.

One of the statistics the new study reveals is that the vast majority of Israel's Jews are concerned over intermarriage rates abroad.

The poll, which was published by Israel's Diaspora Affairs Ministry, included 1119 Israeli citizens, and showed 70% are concerned intermarriage rates among Diaspora Jews are a threat to the continuity of the Jewish people and the State of Israel.

As well, 84% of Israelis agreed with the sentence, "Diaspora Jews and Israeli Jews share a destiny, even though they live in different countries."

The poll also looked at Israeli Jews' connection to Judaism.

84% of Israeli Jews agreed Judaism (not including Torah observance) meant being part of a larger group of people who share roots and history, and 80% felt Diaspora Jews were their brothers.

Previous statistics have shown that over 25% of England's Jews have intermarried, and intermarriage in Europe is on the rise. However, Israeli expats are more likely to intermarry than Diaspora-born Jews. As well, 35% of American Jews are either married to or living with a non-Jewish partner.