New Amona plan thwarted?

The left organization "Yesh Din" claims they’ve identified a Palestinian Arab owner of “lot 38,” the basis for the new Amona plan.

Shlomo Piotrokovsky ,

Morning in Amona
Morning in Amona
צילום: Miriam Alster/Flash90

On Sunday morning, the extreme left-wing organization “Yesh Din,” claimed that they have succeeded in thwarting the most recent plan for saving Amona proposed by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Education Minister Naftali Bennett.

The organization claims that a Palestinian Arab owns “parcel 38,” which is where 24 of the 42 families currently living in Amona are supposed to settle, according to the latest plan.

The organization plans to file an appeal against building on the parcel and thereby thwart the latest proposed solution for Amona, which was based on applying the absentee property arrangement to this parcel.

Amona residents meanwhile gathered Sunday morning to discuss the plan presented to them Saturday night by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Education Minister Naftali Bennett. One of the Amona representatives to whom the plan was presented said "We understand that this is the best we could get but it will be a hard sell to the residents." The residents were given a 12:00 noon deadline to come to a decision.

Meanwhile, security forces are preparing for a forced evacuation.

Ten Givati Brigade soldiers who were sent to the area to help secure the approaches to the community left their base in protest, but reportedly returned to their posts after receiving assurances from their commanders that they would not take place in the actual evacuation - which will be done by police and border police.