Former Army Radio soldier indicted for sexual harassment

Indictment issued against former Army Radio soldier, Baruch Indig, on charges of sexual harassment, impersonation and hacking computers.

Shlomo Pyotrovsky ,

Facebook crime
Facebook crime
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An indictment was issued Thursday against a former Army Radio soldier, Baruch Indig, on charges of hacking private computers, sexual harassment, impersonation, receiving items through deceptive practices and other charges.

According to the indictment, from 2013 until August 2015 Indig located in various ways tens of electronic mail addresses as well as their codes without the owners' knowledge or agreement.

Indig hacked into the individual Facebook accounts of different people in order to commit felonies. In a number of cases he changed the e-mail addresses and corrupted them as well as posing in other identities by using Facebook and contacting many people. In this way he succeeded in attaining their cooperation using deceptive practices, as well as obtaining intimate pictures of at least nine different people.

Among other things, Indig is charged with having accessed his girlfriend's Facebook account without her knowledge and taking over her account by impersonating her and changing the passwords and e-mails on her account.

Indig presented himself as a young lesbian girl and contacted various people, conducting intimate and sexually explicit conversations with them and obtaining their trust. In this way, 8 women and men sent him intimate pictures of themselves.

Indig continued to take over accounts of his acquaintances and use them to obtain intimate pictures of other people who he contacted while impersonating his acquaintance.

The other charges against Indig are for fraudulently obtaining access to other peoples e-mail accounts and using the information in those accounts without their knowledge. Indig even copied credit card information from some of these accounts and on one occasion purchased items for 70 NIS from one of these credit cards. Indig continued to impersonate other people and to access Facebook accounts and copy erotic pictures from these accounts without knowledge or agreement of their owners. Indig kept the pictures he copied on the computer of a friend of his from Army Radio without the friends knowledge. Indig also found on one of the computers at Army Radio erotic pictures , including naked pictures of one of the workers there and copied them without their knowledge or agreement.