Arab arsonists indicted for fire near Haifa

The prosecution for the Haifa district submitted an indictment against 2 Arabs for an arson attack near Haifa during the recent arson wave.

Shlomo Pyotrakovsky ,

Wildfire (illustration)
Wildfire (illustration)

The prosecution for the Haifa district submitted an indictment and request for arrest to the district court against an 18-year-old and youth from the Arab town of Umm al-Fahm near Haifa for setting a fire near the Jewish community of Mei Ami in that area during the recent wave of fires throughout Israel.

The indictment describes that the two arrived to the front of the Jewish community at around 10 PM, and parked their car near brush along the entry road neighboring a cypress forest.

The two took apart a lighter and lit a flame, which was compounded by the fumes from the lighter. They made sure that this flame caught onto surrounding brush and fled the scene.

As they made their departure, the security coordinator of the community was patrolling the area; he noticed the growing fire and the fleeing vehicle, after which he proceeded to follow.

When the two arsonists discerned that they were being followed, they accelerated in an attempt to escape.

The indictment read, “As a result of the actions of the indicted, fire spread and burnt an area spanning 290 square meters.”

The prosecution requested that the court keep the accused under arrest until the conclusion of legal proceedings against them.