Police mislead Knesset on Arab 'sexual terror'

A police rep. told the Knesset that 'sexual terror' by Arabs against Jewish women is seeing a downward trend. Data indicates otherwise.

Gil Ronen,

Arabs riot in the Old City (archive)
Arabs riot in the Old City (archive)
Israel news photo: Flash 90

Police Chief Superintendent Ayelet Orenstein, head of the victims of crime unit in the investigative branch of Israeli Police, said during a hearing of the Knesset’s committee for the advancement of the status of women that, according to police data, sexual assault perpetrated by Arabs against Jewish women in mixed Israeli cities is seeing a downward trend.

The MKs who organized the deliberations requested that Orenstein specify the data from which she drew her conclusion - however, she was not able to provide any such data.

MK Yulia Melinovsky (Yisrael Beiteinu), however, who organized the meeting on the issue of sexual terror, provided such data.

Melinovsky presented the committee with official police data indicating incidents of nationalistic sexual assault in Judea and Samaria and Jerusalem between 2006 and 2014.

The senior police official who, as stated, did not come to the meeting equipped with her own data, requested to look at the data on hand. After several minutes, she claimed that Melinovsky was presenting the data in a mistaken and misleading fashion.

Orenstein claimed before the committee that the data includes various cases of assault by Arabs against Jewish women - including non-sexual physical assault, rock-throwing, and Molotov cocktail throwing - and that sexual attacks constitute a minority of the cases: according to her assessment, around 200 cases of sexual assault.

The data, however, clearly indicates that the total number of cases of Arab sexual assault against of Jewish women for the concerned time period amounts to 538 cases - slightly more than half of all cases of Arabs attacking Jewish women in any form that are presented on the document.

Sexual assault by Arabs in Judea and Samaria and Jerusalem, 2006-2014.
Courtesy of Attorney Aloni-Sdobnik

Out of cases of sexual assault by Arabs against Jewish women, the document indicates that 70 cases constituted rape.

Of the non-sexual assaults perpetrated by Arabs against Jewish women, most were in the categories of bodily injury, attacks and attempts to take life.

The total number of attacks which the document noted had occurred over the course of the 9 years perpetrated by Arabs against Jewish women amounted to 1,064 cases. This list included only three cases of rock throwing, and no cases of Molotov cocktail throwing.

The police spokesman said in response to the episode in the Knesset committee: “We forcefully reject the unfounded claim that the police representative [Orenstein] was the one who misled the committee. Details presented by committee participants do not reflect in any way the topic which the police representative was called to address or the relevant details on which she based herself.

“In contrast to what was presented before her, the relevant police information on which she based herself will be passed to the committee during future deliberations in accordance with the request of the committee chairman.”