Israel gets snow, rain, during winter storm

Lake Kinneret rises as snow falls in Hermon Mountain area, other parts of Israel's north.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Snowstorm on the Golan Heights
Snowstorm on the Golan Heights
Basel Awidat/Flash 90

On Tuesday night, rain fell in all of Israel, from the north to the Negev. Snow began to fall on the Hermon Mountain range early Wednesday morning, closing the site to visitors.

As a result of the storm, Lake Kinneret's water level has risen by three centimeters, and only 4.92 centimeters are needed until it is full.

Not all of the 3 centimeters have come from direct rainfall; the Kishon River, as well as the Snir River and other local rivers, have all risen and begun dumping their excess water into the Kinneret.

Since the beginning of December, the Kinneret, known as the Sea of Galilee, has risen by a total of 12 centimeters.

Rain is expected to continue throughout the country, and strong winds are expected as well. Thunderstorms my occur in the Hermon, while the northern Golan Heights, as well as mountains in the Galilee, may receive some snow.

A significant temperature drop is expected, and floods may occur in relevant areas. The winds and rain are expected to let up gradually over the course of Wednesday.

Wednesday night is expected to be cloudy, with possible local rainfall. Thursday will be cloudy and relatively cold. There may be light rainfall.

Friday is expected to be cloudy with local showers. Winds will pick up in the north of Israel, and temperatures will still be significantly lower than normal. Saturday is expected to be cloudy with light rainfall, with no significant change in temperature.