'MK Berko handled complaint flawlessly'

Knesset spokesperson issues statement saying that MK Anat Berko handled complaint of sexual harassment by aide 'flawlessly'

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MK Anat Berko
MK Anat Berko
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The Knesset spokesperson published a clarification Tuesday evening following complaints which were heard at a session of the Knesset Committee on the Status of Women and Gender Equality earlier in the day, which addressed the issue of nationalistically motivated rape committed by Arab men against Jewish women.

The statement read: "Eight months ago a complaint was forwarded to the Commissioner in the Knesset in accordance with the law to prevent sexual harassment by a parliamentary aide of MK Anat Berko. The complaint which was filed stated that not one of the staff workers in the Knesset or parliamentary advisers were investigated. The complaint alleges that the parliamentary aide sent text messages of a sexual nature."

"The complaint was examined both by MK Berko and by the Commissioner in the Knesset, accompanied by the Knesset's legal department.

"After investigating [the issue] it is doubtful whether the event had any connection to Knesset work. In any event, disciplinary measures were not relevant since those involved were not Knesset employees.

"In light of this, the Commissioner of the Knesset presented the complainants with the options available to them under the law, including the filing of a report with the police."

The statement also added that the complaint was handled "professionally and flawlessly" by both MK Berko and the Commissioner of the Knesset.