Haifa flood victim's identity released

The 74-year-old man who died Tuesday as a result of flooding in Haifa was retired Egged worker Joseph Kilinski.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Flash 90

It was disclosed, Tuesday afternoon, that the 74-year-old man who died as a result of flooding in Haifa was retired Egged worker Joseph Kilinski, a resident of Haifa.

The Walla! website reports that the circumstances of Kilinski's death have not yet been determined but the possibilities are that he suffered a heart attack or hypothermia in addition to the possibility of his having drowned after he was trapped in his car.

Kilinski died Tuesday after the car he was travelling in was trapped in a flooded tunnel in the northern coastal city of Haifa.

He was found by fire and rescue units in the rear seat of a car trapped in the Halutzei HaTa'asia Street tunnel. At the time of the discovery Kilinski had no vital signs.

An MDA emergency response team provided first aid to the man, who was then evacuated to Rambam Hospital. He was later declared dead by hospital doctors.

Barak Ratner, one of the MDA paramedics who treated the man, recalled his discovery.

“When we reached the scene, we found a man, roughly 60 years of age, outside a car, who was not breathing and had no pulse. We began to provide medical treatment and perform advanced resuscitation techniques and treatment to warm up the body. We brought him on board the [ambulance] unit for intensive car and evacuated him quickly to Rambam Hospital as he was in serious condition.”