Storms hit Israel: 18 injured in storm-related accident

18 injured, 1 seriously, in accidents on Route 90 in northern Israel. Flooding traps drivers on roads in Haifa.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Accident on Route 90
Accident on Route 90
MDA spokesperson

After a week of respite, storms have returned to Israel, causing flooding in the north and at least two serious accidents.

On Tuesday, the stormy weather contributed to a multi-car pile on Route 90 just outside of Rosh Pina in northern Israel. Eleven people were injured in the crashes, including one woman who has been listed in serious condition. The remaining 10 were lightly injured.

MDA emergency responders were called to the scene, treating the victims before evacuating them to Ziv Hospital in Tzfat.

“When we reached the scene of the accident,” recalled MDA responder Yigal Ben Odez, “we say a serious car accident involving three vehicles. We immediately began an initial examination of the injured. We performed first aid on a woman, roughly 47 years of age, who suffered injuries to multiple organs and was in serious condition, before evacuating her to Ziv Hospital. At the same time, additional MDA teams evacuated 10 other people with light injuries – 3 men and 7 women – to the nearby Ziv Hospital.”

A second accident occurred Tuesday morning on Route 90, leaving 7 lightly injured when a truck collided with a private car.

MDA responders treated the victims, who were later transferred to Ziv.

In Haifa, flooding on Halutzi HaTasia Street near Haifa Bay left some drivers trapped. The drivers were eventually evacuated by Fire and Rescue teams.