Ivanka Trump donates to Brooklyn fire project

President-elect's daughter donates $1,000 to a project meant to honor Sassoon children who passed away in a house fire last year.

Ben Ariel,

Ivanka Trump
Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump, President-elect Donald Trump’s daughter, has donated $1,000 to a project meant to honor the seven children from the Sassoon family who passed away in a tragic house fire in Brooklyn last year, DNAinfo reports.

The GoFundMe page for what has been dubbed "The Sassoon 7 Project" aims to raise $1 million to build a community facility at 3371 Bedford Avenue, where the fire in March of 2015 killed seven children of the family between the ages of 5 and 16.

The fire was caused by a hot plate that the family had left on to keep their food warm during the Sabbath.

The mother of the family, Gayle Sassoon, and one of her daughters, 16-year-old Tziporah, escaped by jumping out a window on the second floor.

Sassoon ran into the fire to try to save her children, leading to third degree burns on 45 percent of her body, including her face.

The planned new facility would include a library and a men's and women's learning center, and it has so far raised $126,734 of its $1 million goal.

The project's GoFundMe page was launched on November 24 on behalf of Gayle Sassoon, and Trump made her donation to the cause on Friday, according to DNAinfo.

Although contributors to GoFundMe campaigns have the option to make their donations anonymously, Trump made hers under her full name, and GoFundMe confirmed that the donation did indeed come from the President-elect's daughter.

Gayle Sassoon's cousin Heather Fallas, who is helping to spearhead the project, told DNAinfo she was thrilled that Trump had taken the time to donate to her cause and thought she may have done so because she is a New Yorker, and every New Yorker was touched by the tragedy.

"I thought that was beautiful," she said. "She’s a busy woman. She has her own life, her own family. She didn’t have to stop to do that. That, to me, was very touching."

Representatives for Trump did not respond to questions about why she decided to make this donation and whether she has donated to other GoFundMe causes.