Listen: Shevet Achim Ensemble's Chanukah melodies

The Shevet Achim Ensemble group, along with singer Chilik Frank, put out a special Chanukah albulm.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Shevet Achim album
Shevet Achim album
Shevet Achim

The Shevet Achim Ensemble has released a new album for Chanukah, along with guest singer Chilik Frank. The album features Chanukah melodies, on acoustic instruments in a style influenced by klezmer and classical elements.

Shevet Achim began as a family ensemble some thirteen years ago when the Kohn brothers and sisters recorded a disc as a fiftieth wedding anniversary gift for their parents.

Dvorah, the group's flutist and arranger, said that this Chanukah album has a special meaning for her. “In the time of the oppression of the Jews behind the Iron Curtain in the USSR, my husband used to light the Chanukah candles at home before Shabbat, and then walk over 25 kilometers in the freezing deep snow in order to pray with a minyan in the morning, have a Shabbat meal and learn Torah with his friend. I believe that our opportunity to share the warmth of this Chanukah music , flows from his snowy footsteps behind the Iron Curtain.”