Compensation proposal for Amona residents expected soon

The government is expected to approve a 500,000 NIS per family compensation package for Amona residents.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Flash 90

According to Channel 2, the government is expected soon to approve a compensation package of approximately 500,000 NIS ($130,000) per family in Amona, depending on the estimated value of their property.

The Regulation Law passed its first reading in the Knesset last week. The law is intended to solve conflicts such as in Amona, where Arabs file court petitions claiming ownership of lands on which Jewish communities have been built. However, the retroactive clause that would have included Amona, clause 7, was taken out of the law before its first reading, per the agreement between Jewish Home leader Naftali Bennett and Prime Minster Binyamin Netanyahu.

The Supreme Court has ordered that the community by evacuated and demolished by December 25. The government recently requested a one-month delay from the High Court, to provide more time to find housing for the residents, and the High Court has not yet ruled on the request.

Amona residents on Thursday night and Friday morning called on supporters to come and stay in the community for Shabbat, since they were expecting the expulsion to happen Saturday night. It was reported last week that police forces are currently training for the Amona evacuation in the Negev IDF training base that’s normally used for training soldiers in anti-terror techniques.