'How to save Amona? Annex it!'

Political analyst offers simple suggestion, based on the law that government can annex any territory – free of Supreme Court review.

Hillel Fendel ,

Amona PR division
"There's a way to stop the domestic lawfare against Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria," writes media and international political analyst Dr. Aaron Lerner: "Annexation - as a last resort to save Jewish homes, vineyards and other property from court-ordered destruction."

Lerner, whose ideas are distributed regularly to decision-makers via the IMRA (Independent Media Review and Analysis) service, notes that Israel's Ordinance Law and Administration Law, 1948, states simply, in Clause 11B:

"The law, jurisdiction and administration of the State shall apply to any area of ​​the Land of Israel that the Government sets in an order."

"Just one sentence long," Lerner writes, with "no wiggle room there." In addition: "Annexation does not require a legislative process. No Knesset involvement whatsoever. It can be carried out literally in moments, simply via telephone vote of the ministers."

And most importantly: "The most hyperactive Supreme Court possible would still be unable to come up with grounds to rule against the move," as the law grants full authorization to Israel's government to decide what and when to annex.

"There's no limit to 11B," Lerner writes, "and the Cabinet can even vote to annex a single lot in a community to save the house on it from the bulldozer."

He acknowledges that this is a "last resort," as stated above, "because "legislative and administrative efforts to address the challenge are liable to be foiled by Supreme Court decisions and a military legal system dominated by fervent opponents of a Jewish civilian presence beyond the Green Line."

Lerner says that this approach would stop in their tracks all attempts to destroy Jewish property in Judea and Samaria, since these would simply end in annexation of the areas.

And if the fear is "world reaction," he calls attention to the fact that the State Department already widely condemns and opposes Israeli construction plans in its capital city, so that more of the same regarding annexation is not something that would break us.

"Annexation is indeed a viable last resort to save Jewish homes, vineyard and other property from court ordered destruction," concludes Dr. Lerner.