Left-wing reporter tried to harm brigade commander

Channel 10 reporter, Raviv Drucker, reportedly sent former soldier undercover to try to embarrass and incriminate Brig. Gen Ofer Winter.

Shlomo Vile ,

רביב דרוקר
רביב דרוקר
צילום: יונתן סינדל, פלאש 90

In an interview with Army Radio on Sunday attorney Oded Savorai said that Brig Gen. Ofer Winter was the target of Channel 10 reporter, Raviv Drucker, who tried to derail his appointment. General Winter was former commander of the Givati Brigade and is currently the Chief of Staff of Central Command

Savorai, who is a close associate of Winter, claimed that Drucker sent a former soldier to meet with Winter and get him to speak about an incident that never happened. The soldier was secretly taping the conversation and hoped to catch something that would incriminate Winter in the supposed event.

According to Savorai, the soldier sent by Drucker told Winter that he couldn’t sleep well at night over the incident, in which he said that Winter had ordered him to shoot an innocent Arab boy. He was hoping for an admission of some kind from Winter, but instead the commander offered to help the soldier get proper psychological care.

Drucker is known as “the thorn in Netanyahu’s side” for publishing a series of insulting and embarrassing reports about Prime Minister and his wife, Sara.

Prime Minister Netanyahu responded harshly to the report and wrote on his Facebook page: "Every evening Channel 10 broadcasts false propaganda against me and my family trying to overthrow an incumbent prime minister” and was “also trying to weave a false plot against Gen. Ofer Winter to thwart the appointment of the Givati Brigade Commander. If it’s proved to be true, it’s shocking.”

Drucker commented on his Facebook page. “A few years ago, a former soldier came with serious complaints about an unjustified shooting commanded by Gen. Ofer Winter, in which a Palestinian child was killed for no reason. We examined the evidence together with a friend of the former soldier who affirmed the story.”

During the war in Gaza in 2014, General Winter provoked a debate on the place of Jewish faith in the IDF when, in a call-up message sent to members of the brigade, he wrote that they were going out against the "the terrorist Gazan enemy that curses, reviles and insults the G-d of Israel." The criticism against him at the time came from various sources, including then-Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon.