Twitter grants verification to Muslim Brotherhood organ

Twitter granted verification to English mouthpiece of Muslim Brotherhood despite condemnation of Brotherhood as a terrorist organization.

Gary Willig,


Twitter recently granted verification to the Ikhwan Web website, which serves as the Muslim Brotherhood’s “official” English-speaking feed, the Jewish News Service (JNS) reported.

The move has been criticized as granting legitimization to an lsamist terrorist organization.

“Verifying the Muslim Brotherhood’s Twitter feed helps further their narrative of civilization-Jihad,” US Senator Ted Cruz told the Washington Free Beacon.

“This maneuver makes the Brotherhood seem like a legitimate group while providing them cover to spread their radical version of Islam,” Cruz said. “I look forward to working with the new administration to expose the Brotherhood’s efforts to increase their influence in America.”

The Muslim Brotherhood, which is based in Egypt, has been designated a terrorist organization by the Egyptian government since 2013. It is also the parent organization of the Hamas terrorist group which rules the Gaza Strip and which has been responsible for hundreds of terrorist attacks on Israeli citizens.

Kyle Shideler, the director of the Center for Security Policy’s Threat Information Office, told the Washington Free Beacon: “At a time when Twitter is already facing criticism for banning individuals based solely on speech, Twitter has effectively lionized a group responsible for the burning of Coptic churches and the killing of Egyptian police and judiciary officials."

Shideler asked: “How is Twitter supposed to help defeat online radicalization when it essentially endorses the biggest source for Islamist radicals in the world?”