Nazareth man suspected of murdering wife, hiding body

Arab man from northern Israel indicted for murder of pregnant wife. Body of victim yet to be discovered.

David Rosenberg ,

Police arrest Arab rioter in Israeli city of Nazareth
Police arrest Arab rioter in Israeli city of Nazareth
Basel Awidat/Flash 90

An Arab resident of the northern Israeli city of Nazareth has been indicted for the murder of his wife.

Awani Ziadat, 24, was arrested after he appeared at a local police station, claiming that his wife was kidnapped by masked men from the side of the road.

His wife, 20-year old Ahlem Ziadat, was six months pregnant when she disappeared without a trace.

Investigators’ suspicions were aroused by Ziadat’s claims, leading to him ultimately becoming the prime suspect in her disappearance.

Police noted that Ziadat had a history of domestic violence, and had been accused of a number of other crimes in the past, though none had ended in convictions.

While authorities have obtained security camera footage of Ziadat entering a room with his wife – then leaving, carrying her lifeless body – they have yet to ascertain the location of Ahlem’s body.

Four years ago, Ahlem was the victim of an acid attack, which had scarred her face.

A 52-year old relative who sought Ahlem’s hand in marriage stalked her, demanding she consent to his demands.

“He would follow me around, even to school,” Ahlem, then 16-years old, said in an interview with Channel 10. “He said that if I didn’t let him speak with me, he would shoot me. I hope they hang him.”

When she refused, the man threw acid on her face.

“This time he did this,” said Ahlem, “next time he’ll kill me.”