Chief Rabbinate and Vatican: reverse UNESCO decision

A joint committee of the Israeli Rabbinate and the Vatican issued a statement calling on world leaders to reverse the Jerusalem UNESCO vote.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

משלחת הרבנות הראשית בותיקן
משלחת הרבנות הראשית בותיקן
צילום: דוברות הרבנות הראשית

The annual meeting between the Chief Rabbinate of Israel and the Vatican ended Wednesday.

This year's meeting was focused on efforts to achieve peace in light of the rising amount of violence committed in the name of religion.

The statement of the 'Joint Commission of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel's Delegation for Relations with the Catholic Church and the Holy See's Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews' called on world leaders to rescind UNESCO's vote to deny the connection between the Jewish people and their holy sites in Jerusalem last month.

Chief Rabbinate Director Moshe Dagan, who led the meeting, lambasted UNESCO's hypocrisy in deliberately ignoring the connection between the Jewish people and Jerusalem, especially with the Western Wall.

The meeting ended with a call for the promotion of peace and for religious leaders to put an end to violence carried out in the name of religion.