German intelligence officer arrested over Islamist plot

German intelligence officer who converted to Islam arrested on suspicion of plotting to bomb Germany’s domestic spy agency headquarters.

Ben Ariel ,

Flag of Germany
Flag of Germany

A German intelligence officer was recently arrested on suspicion he was plotting to bomb the headquarters of Germany’s domestic spy agency in Cologne, The Washington Free Beacon reports Tuesday, citing the German-language newspaper Der Spiegel.

The 51-year-old, who converted to Islam two years ago, admitted in a “partial confession” that his goal was to “infiltrate” the Office for the Protection of the Constitution.

An official with the intelligence agency said the man attempted to pass on “sensitive information about [the agency], which could lead to a threat to the office,” according to The Free Beacon.

The suspect also used online chat rooms in an attempt to recruit radical Islamists to the spy agency to mount attacks against “non-believers.”

He was caught after chatting with an undercover agent from the office, according to Der Spiegel.

The intelligence officer’s arrest follows recent reports that 20 soldiers in the German Army have been discovered to be Islamists – and more may yet be uncovered.

A spokesman for MAD, Germany’s military counter-espionage service, said earlier this month that 60 soldiers and other personnel in the Bundeswehr are under investigation for suspected Islamist links.

The spokesman said the German Army has been contacted by a suspicious number of individuals who wish to join the army "for a few months" simply to receive weapons training.

Germany is already under a high-threat terrorist alert following a series of attacks which hit the country this past summer.

In the first attack, a 17-year-old Afghani with an ax attacked passengers on a train in Wurzburg before being shot dead by security forces.

In the second incident, an attacker set off a bomb in a restaurant in Ansbach, killing himself and wounding 12 others.

Several weeks ago, a German court jailed three young men for up to four and half years for travelling to Syria where they teamed up with jihadists.