Ulpana girls' unusual demand

Students of the religious Zionist 'Tzvia' girls' school evacuated last week during fires in Haifa, know how to say thank you.

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Shlomo Pyotrovsky ,

Ulpana girls thank firefighters
Ulpana girls thank firefighters

Students at the Tzvia ulpana [a branch of the religious Zionist girls’ high school Tzvia network that emphasizes the teachings of Rabbi Avraham Kook] in Haifa were evacuated last Thursday as multiple fires scorched the northern coastal city, though thankfully, their school was not destroyed in the blazes, which have since been attributed to arson.

But before the girls returned to their studies on Sunday, they presented the school administration with an unusual demand: no classes until they give their thanks to the men and women who helped save their school and neighborhoods.

Specifically, the students asked to visit the local fire department and personally thank the firefighters who fought the blazes across Haifa for three days straight.

The girls brought with them candies, prepared “Thank You!” signs, and on Sunday made their way to the Gesher Paz fire station in Haifa to meet with the people who helped to save their city.

Firefighters at the Gesher Paz station were taken aback by the surprise visit, saying that the heartfelt thanks “gives us so much strength”.

Rabbi Yoel Beri, head of the Tzvia ulpana, praised the girls’ dedication to a trait so often neglected.

“Showing appreciation is something we teach in the ulpana all year, and now it’s found expression the day after the fires [were extinguished] when the students refused to return to their studies before they personally gave their thanks to the wonderful firefighters.”