Watch: Commando Brigade exercise

The new 'Oz' Commando Brigade is ready to become operational.

Uzi Baruch ,

IDF Spokesperson

The new "Oz" (Courage) Commando Brigade held an exercise last week. It was the final such exercise before the brigade is to be declared operational

The brigade was established in December, 2015, as part of a multi-year program called "Gideon." The program is meant to implement the lessons learned during the Second Lebanon War in 2006 and and Operation Cast Lead in 2014.

The latest exercise was conducted on a large scale, with all solders in the brigade participating. The maneuvers began in northern Tel Aviv and in the north of the country. The soldiers trained to operate deep inside enemy territory and on the front lines.

Brigade Commander Colonel David Zini, told the soldiers on the night of the exercise, "This week's [exercise] features multiple transitions in various different configurations. We, the commandos, have always required speed and the ability to adapt to different forms of combat and different scenarios. We have outstanding soldiers, trained by meticulous officers to be professional, pleasant, modest, and men of integrity, in order to face every challenge that can face them in battle. I feel proud to belong to this brigade. I think it is great news for Israel's security and greatly distressing news for our enemies."