MKs withdraw petition against Rabbi Karim's appointment

Meretz members have withdrawn their petition again Rabbi Karim’s appointment, announcing that his affidavit is a great victory.

Shlomo Pyutrikovsky ,

הרב קרים
הרב קרים
צילום: ליאור מזרחי, פלאש 90

Meretz MK’s Zahava Gal-On, Tamar Zandberg, and Michal Rozin announced Sunday that they have decided to withdraw their petition to the Supreme Court against the appointment of Rabbi Eyal Karim to head the military rabbinate. The controversy around Rabbi Karim forced the postponement of the inauguration ceremony that had been scheduled for last Wednesday.

Their attorney, Uri Keidar, released a statement explaining their decision.

“The petitioners hope that the Supreme Court’s clear declaration of values will continue to resonate in the IDF in general and the military rabbinate in particular. The petition has served its purpose. Under these circumstances, the petitioners will no longer continue the process,” said the statement.

“We won. Rabbi Karim has renounced his previous views, so there’s no longer any point to continuing the opposition.”

There was also speculation that, as a result of the state’s response and Rabbi Karim’s affidavit, the Supreme Court was expected to reject the petition in any case.

This decision paves the way for Rabbi Karim’s appointment to move forward.