Haifa yeshiva torched by arsonists

Mevaser Shalom yeshiva in Haifa destroyed as fires rage across city.

Orly Harari ,

Mevaser Shalom after fire
Mevaser Shalom after fire
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Fires continued to rage across the northern coastal city of Haifa Thursday evening, as Israeli police suggested evidence was mounting to confirm claims of arson by Israeli Arabs.

Some 60,000 residents of Haifa fled their homes on Thursday as six separate blazes torn through eight neighborhoods around the city.

Along with many private homes and businesses, at least one yeshiva has been destroyed in the firestorm.

The Mevaser Shalom hesder yeshiva was scorched Thursday afternoon, the victim of an arson attack apparently singling out the institution.

The building, which also houses a kindergarten on the first floor, was totally gutted in the blaze, but not before all students, teachers, and children in the kindergarten managed to be evacuated safely. The hesder students rushed to the kindergarten and brought out the children. By the time they had finished saving the little ones, it was too late to save the holy books that went up in flames. There are no reports of injuries.