Islam expert: Erdogan continues to support Hamas

Islam expert Dr. Ephraim Herrera says Erdogan continues to support Hamas, and that the Muezzin Law is consistent with Islam.

Eliran Baruch ,

Dr. Ephraim Herrera
Dr. Ephraim Herrera
Eliran Aharon

Dr. Ephraim Herrera, an expert on Israel and the author of Jihad -- Fundamentals and Fundamentalism, spoke with Arutz Sheva about Turkey's continued relationship with the Hamas terrorist organization and the controversy over the "Muezzin Law."

Dr. Herrera believes that Turkey continues to support Islamist terrorist organizations, such as Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, despite Israel's improving relations with Istanbul.

"I think that Israel has to understand that [Turkish President Recep Tayyip] Erdogan supports, and has been supporting, the Muslim Brotherhood for many years."

Dr. Herrera tied Turkey to deadly Hamas terror attacks on Israeli civilians. "[Erdogan received the Hamas leaders in Turkey. For example, Khaled Mashaal. And he gave them a desk in Istanbul. And from this desk, the orders to carry out the terror attack against the three young men near Hevron, who were killed in this attack. And also the Henkin family was killed. And the orders came from Turkey."

"I think Israel should be very, very careful and watch - very precisely - each step of Erdogan."

What do you think about the 'muezzin law?'

"It's not a religious matter. It's a political matter." Dr. Herrera answered.

He said that prominent Islamic authorities have already forbidden the use of loudspeakers for the call to prayer in Muslim countries. "One of the most prominent sheikhs in the Muslim world, the Sheikh Al Uthaymin...said it is forbidden in Islam to call to prayer through loudspeakers. Why? He gave two reasons. The first one - it disturbs the neighbors. And the second one is that some... in other ,osques have [already] begun their prayers, so it disturbs them too."

Minister Aryeh Deri doesn't think like you

"You have to understand that Shas...has many friends in the Arab community in Israel, and they have many people there who vote for them. So they have to defend them in order to stay with the number of representatives in the Knesset."