Final hearing in soldier Azariya's trial

The final hearing in Elor Azariya’s trial. The military court will now deliberate for 3 weeks before declaring a verdict.

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Elor Azariya in court with his parents
Elor Azariya in court with his parents
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On Wednesday, a military tribunal in Jaffa, headed by Colonel Maya Heller held the final hearing in the trial of soldier Elor Azariya for shooting a wounded terrorist. He’s been accused of wrongfully killing an already neutralized terrorist.

After today’s hearing, the court will recess for three weeks of deliberations before announcing a verdict in this trial that has shaken Israeli society.

The military prosecutor, attorney Nadav Weissman, in his closing arguments, said, “This law is an important test of the values of the IDF – the fundamental values that have been part of the IDF since its establishment. The IDF relies not only on its physical strength, but also on its moral strength. The IDF strives for victory, both military and moral. The IDF believes in the purity of arms.”

“I have found no precedent for sanctioning the shooting of someone who has already been shot,” said Weissman. “I have found no precedent for any court in Israel or in the world to sanction firing to the head without need. The accused is asking to establish a new precedent, a new law - the Azariya law. I ask your honors to establish that the accused has lied, has changed his version of events, and has falsely accused IDF officers.”

The military prosecutor added, “In summarizing the case, I point to the footage of the defendant's behavior before the shooting. When asked to say at what moment did he realize that he was in mortal danger (of the terrorist detonating an explosive charge), the accused responded that he could not point to such a moment. When you see the film, you see the calm behavior of the accused, showing no sense of pressure.”