High Court postpones evacuation of - illegal Bedouin settlement

The High Court postpones evacuation of illegal Bedouin settlement Oum el-Hiran, stating that alternative accommodations have not been found.

Nitsan Keidar,

Negev Bedouin
Negev Bedouin
Hezki Ezra

Is there one law for Bedouins and another for Jews? The High Court decided today to postpone once again the evacuation of the Bedouin illegal settlement Oum el-Hiran in the Negev.

The planned evacuation was supposed to take place this morning and despite the fact that the court already months ago rejected the request of the settlement for another hearing on the decision, it decided today to delay the evacuation in order to enable inhabitants to have more time to find suitable accommodations for themselves.

The settlement consists of illegal structures on state land. After they are demolished a Jewish community is supposed to be established on the land. The state offered the Bedouins new lots in the town of Hura but the residents refused to receive the members of Oum el-Hiran.

MK Taleb Abu Arar (Joint List) said in response "Despite the delay in evacuating Oum el-Hiran, I maintain that uprooting and destroying a community uproots Arabs from their living places in order to develop a life for Jews, something which is unacceptable.

"The government will bear responsibility for the ramifications of the evacuation in all spheres. To the Arab community I say 'If I'm not for myself, who will be there for me?' There is no reason to spar with the police but the perverted actions and decisions force the Arabs to act differently. They uproot an Arab settlement for the quality of life of Jews."