Petah Tikva murderer claims victim abused him for years

A new twist in killing originally described as 'road rage', as attacker found to be brother of victim.

David Rosenberg ,

Scene of killing in Petah Tikva
Scene of killing in Petah Tikva
Police Spokesperson

What was originally believed to be a case of extreme road rage now appears to be a family affair, with accusations of abuse, ultimately culminating in murder.

On Sunday, a 28-year old man stabbed a 41-year old bicyclist in Petah Tikva.

The victim was evacuated to Beilinson Hospital in Petah Tikva, where he was listed in critical condition. He died of his wounds soon thereafter.

Police originally attributed the killing to road rage, suggesting that the assailant, who was driving just before the stabbing, had gotten into an accident with the bicyclist, and that he had killed the victim in a subsequent fit of anger.

Later, however, it was discovered that rather than being complete strangers who encountered one another completely by accident, the two men were brothers, a fact confirmed by the accused’s attorney, Alon Volkovitski.

The alleged traffic accident now appears to have been intentional – the accused drove into the victim with his car, then exited the vehicle and proceeded to stab him repeatedly.

The suspect, who was apprehended on Sunday following the stabbing, has told investigators that his older brother had abused him for years, beating and systematically humiliating him. It was that abuse, he claimed, that led him to murder his brother.

According to Volkovitski, his client was in a daze after the murder, and unable to grasp what had happened.

“I found a confused and disoriented man,” Volkovitski told Channel 10 regarding his initial meeting with the suspect, “who had no idea happened or what [the police] want with him.”