China to Israel: You are a technological powerhouse

The Chinese Deputy Minister of Science is visiting Israel to mark 25 years of China-Israel relations.

Hezki Baruch ,

Hotovely with Chinese Deputy Minister of Science
Hotovely with Chinese Deputy Minister of Science
Public Relations

Deputy Defense Minister Tzipi Hotovely hosted today the Chinese Deputy Minister of Science, Li Meng. During the meeting, the two discussed developments in the China-Israel Joint Committee on Innovation (JCIC), set to take place this spring.

Hotovely praised developments in economic relations between Israel and China, and noted that mutual cooperation in technological advancement, science, and academic research is thriving. “This coming year marks 25 years in diplomatic relations between the two countries, and I have no doubt that recent years saw significant advances in the development of relations.”

The Deputy Minister noted that talks over a free-trade zone agreement between China and Israel are an important landmark in China-Israel relations, and expressed hope that the agreement will be advanced and will lead to greater cooperation between the business communities in China and Israel.

The Chinese Deputy Minister of Science told Hotovely that, despite Israel’s small size, China sees Israel as a technological powerhouse and important friend.