Watch: Activists confront far-left activists in Jerusalem

City councilman, right-wing activists confront members of Reform movement, left-wing radicals in front of Jerusalem Chief Rabbinate office.

Eliran Aharon ,

Rabbi Amar's supporters
Rabbi Amar's supporters
Eliran Aharon

Dozens of haredi and Orthodox Jews and right-wing activists held a counter-protest in Jerusalem on Sunday against a small demonstration by members of the Israeli far-left in front of the Jerusalem Chief Rabbinate’s office.

LGBT activists, elements from the left-wing Meretz party, and supporters of the Reform movement gathered in front of Jerusalem Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar’s office Sunday morning to protest his recent statements on the Reform movement and homosexuality.

Speaking to Israel Hayom last week, Rabbi Amar slammed the Reform movement as “wicked”, and decried homosexual behavior as “an abomination” – referencing the biblical injunction which uses that terms against such behavior.

After left-wing demonstrators hung a LGBT rainbow flag at the entrance of Rabbi Amar’s office and defaced it with graffiti, right-wing activists led by Otzma Yehudit member Baruch Marzel and Jerusalem city councilman Arieh King organized a counter protest.

"These organizations are the biggest terror organizations, and they come here and want to forbid us to say what we believe,” Marzel told Arutz Sheva.

“They don't believe in freedom of speech if we think differently than they. If we think that a woman and a man aren't the same - they're both holy creations, both equal - but they are different.. One can have babies - men cannot. Men can fight, women are not s strong. They're different. They're both good. And we follow the way the Torah tells us and beleive that a man must marry a woman.and we believe [homosexual marriage is bad. We came to support Rabbi Amar and everything [he has said]."

King claimed many of the left-wing activists who were leading the demonstration against Rabbi Amar were also active in movements against Jewish property rights in eastern Jerusalem.

"We came here... to protect the rabbinate of Jerusalem in general, and the Chief Sephardic Rabbi of Jerusalem, who is being attacked by a minority of leftists... [who] came here to attack Judaism, to attack the Torah... we cannot allow them to attack... the Torah."

"We saw here a minority of extremely left[wing] people, many of them are in all of the anti-Semitic demonstrations. You see the same faces when they are demonstrating against Jews coming to live in east Jerusalem. So it’s coming from the same place."