Little terror victim meets her heroes

4 year old who was injured when terrorists threw a firebomb at her family's car, met with the soldiers who captured the terrorists.

Uzi Baruch ,

Little Tahal meets Battalion 202
Little Tahal meets Battalion 202
IDF Spokesperson

A year ago a family found themselves ambushed by a gang of terrorists who threw Molotov cocktails at their car as they drove towards Beit El.

Little Tahel Sofer, who was three years old at the time, suffered burns. Her mother described the harrowing moments to Arutz Sheva at the time: "The firebombs smashed the rear windshield where Tahel was sitting. They fell on Tahel's seat and immediately, everything was burning. Tahel's dress, Tahel herself, her hair."

This week, over one year after the attack, Tahal met with the soldiers of the IDF battalion 202, who captured the terrorists who attacked her family.

Company Commander Captain Eliyahu Asvan, who captured the last member of the terrorist cell, said: "We arrived in the Binyamin Region five weeks ago, and from the start our mission was to arrest the terrorists who attacked Tahel. We are proud that we managed to fulfill this mission."

There is no soldier in the battalion which did not know about this event." he added. "We pursue terrorists night and day to protect the residents of the area. It is a wonderful feeling when we fulfill our mission."

Captain Asvan is from Beit El himself - and was therefore particularly excited to meet the Sofer family. especially little Tahel, who is now four. "As a son of [this] town, this meeting has a special significance for me. To see her so excited to be with us. to meet the fighters who worked so hard to capture her attackers, is a very special moment,"

During the meeting, Tahel thanked the soldiers and gave them flowers.

Sigal Sofer, Tahel's mother, said: "We traveled over an hour and a half to say 'thank you' to the IDF. To get to the point where everything happened exactly a year ago, to hear that the IDF remembered us and caught the terrorists. It gives us closure."

Battalion Commander Lieutenant Colonel Roy Zweig said that meeting Tahel and her family after capturing the terrorists who attacked them made the soldiers "feel a great feeling of satisfaction...Moments like this give the soldiers a sense of the greatness of their mission, so that they will [try even more] to prevent the next attack."