New bypass road in Etzion Bloc nears construction

A new road and other traffic arrangements will dramatically improve security on the Kiryat Arba- Etzion Bloc route.

Orly Harari ,

Moshe Saville and Dept. Minister Ben Dahan
Moshe Saville and Dept. Minister Ben Dahan
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During a tour of the Etzion Bloc, Deputy Defense Minister Eli Ben Dahan told Etzion Bloc Local Authority acting head Moshe Saville that in a few days from now, tractors would be starting work on the bypass road connecting the Etzion junction with southern communities.

He said that all the required documentation had been completed, budgets had been allocated and work was about to commence. Ben Dahan said that the move would significantly increase security of those traveling on the road and would enhance their quality of life.

Saville thanked the deputy minister for promoting the project and for his concern for residents and added that this would provide a partial solution to security issues. He added that the planning stages for the El Aroub bypass road and for traffic lights at the Etzion junction was nearly concluded and expressed his hope that they would be implemented in 2017.

"It is clear to everyone that the residents of the Etzion Bloc deserve to travel the roads in a normal manner with maximal security. The present situation is inadequate and it is good that it is being addressed. The improvements at the junction are part of an overall transportation plan being implemented by the government in the Etzion Bloc, including more traffic lights, traffic roundabouts and preparing plans for more tunnels."

Just two weeks ago terrorists opened fire at a car traveling south of the Etzion Bloc. The car was driven by Ruthi Gillis, widow of Dr, Shmuel Gillis, a leading hematologist who was murdered by terrorists in 2001 near the same spot. The planned bypass road will hopefully provide security for Gillis and other Karmei Tzur residents who travel daily northwards towards the Etzion Bloc and Jerusalem.