Kidnapping attempt or innocent mistake?

A teenage girl travelling towards Dolev noticed the driver travelling towards PA.She screamed and he then reversed. Egged: Driver's mistake

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Kidnapping attempt or innocent mistake?
Kidnapping attempt or innocent mistake?
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A 15-year-old Ulpana student who was travelling Tuesday on a 183 Egged bus from Modiin to Dolev noticed that the driver, an Arab, had left the regular route and was entering the area of the Palestinian Authority.

The girl's father, Yisrael Stieglitz of Dolev, described to Arutz Sheva the course of events. "My daughter was travelling home and was the last one on the bus. She was sitting in the middle of the bus near the rear door. Everything was OK until the turnoff to Dolev. The driver decided to leave the route and drive towards Ein Arik in the areas occupied by the Palestinian Authority. The driver knows the route and it was clearly intentional.

Stieglitz said that his daughter screamed "let me off, let me off" and then the driver reversed and went back to Dolev. She arrived home distraught and said that the driver had tried to kidnap her. I put up a Facebook post and received responses saying that it was not the only case that Arab drivers suddenly decided to drop of passengers in dark places or travelled to other locations.

Stieglitz added that in a similar case, a driver let pupils off in a dark place. That case ended well thank G-d but later it was revealed that the driver was under criminal investigation.

Stieglitz said that his daughter is scared to travel by bus. "She and other girls are scared to travel on Egged buses. The Arab drivers sometimes travel together with their friends and speak Arabic the whole way and it is very disconcerting. I approached the police and the Transport Ministry and have yet to receive a response. We suspect that this was a kidnapping attempt or even worse attempted rape.

Egged spokesmen responded by saying that "initial investigations revealed that the driver made a mistake and immediately after the passenger alerted his attention he stopped his car and reversed in order to return to his route."