Tefillin recovered from garbage dump

Haredi volunteers in New York find lost set of Tefillin accidentally thrown out by owner.

Ben Shaul ,

Tefillin (Illustration)
Tefillin (Illustration)

Dozens of volunteers from the haredi community searched over the past few days for a lost set of Tefillin in New York, after the owner accidentally threw them out with the garbage.

Against all odds the team of volunteers did eventually manage to locate the lost Tefillin, which had been thrown out in the Rochester area.

One individual was so concerned about the recovery of the traditional Jewish phylacteries that he put up a cash reward for the return of the Tefillin.

After an extensive search, the pair of Tefillin were found in a garbage dump.

The case drew wide coverage in the local haredi media, with some Hasidic newspapers dubbing the search a “Sanctification of God’s name”.

A similar incident occurred in Israel a year and a half ago, when a resident of Tel Aviv accidentally threw out his pair of Tefillin in the garbage – only to be recovered later with the aid of several officials from the local municipality.