European rabbis work for unified standards in conversions

'Conversion courts need to coordinate more.'

Yoni Kempinski ,

Conference deliberations
Conference deliberations
Eli Itkin

One of the more sensitive topics that arose during the convention in Belarus of the Conference of European Rabbis involved the subject of conversions.

Chairman of Standing Commitee Gathering in Minsk of the Conference, Menachem Geli, explained to Arutz Sheva the complexity involved in the issue, and described efforts to create standardized rules and regulations in conversion courts across Europe.

“We will define unified standards that obligate all the rabbinical judges,” Geli said. “At the first stage, we will catalogue all the courts, their work methods and those licensed to deal with conversions.”

“Rabbis not licensed to do conversions will be ejected from the Conference,” Geli said.

At the Belarus convention, rabbis who from all around Europe explained the methods and policies on conversion in their respective countries and cities.

They emphasized the need to coordinate with one another, as well as with conversion authorities in Israel, in order to maintain unified standards.

Similarly, they announced that, in the coming year, an international convention will take place during which European and Israeli rabbinical authorities will meet to work on creating unified policy with respect to conversions.