Likud MK: I will vote against Regulation Law

LIkud MK Benny Begin says he will vote against the proposed Regulation Law Wednesday as it is a "poor solution" to the Amona issue.

Yoel Domb,

MK Benny Begin
MK Benny Begin
Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

MK Benny Begin (Likud) says he will vote against the Regulation Law (aka Normalization Law) when it is brought to the initial vote in the Knesset tomorrow.

In an Army Radio interview Begin said that he understood the Prime Minister's predicament but the solution he presented is untenable.

"We are all in a predicament but why implement such a poor solution?" asked Begin. " You received a ruling but now you wish to cancel it out- this is a very serious issue."

Yesterday the Obama administration criticized the proposed Normalization Law which passed in the Cabinet Legal Committee. The State Department's spokesman, Elizabeth Trudeau, said that "We are very worried about the progress in legislation which will allow the legalization of illegal outposts on private Palestinian land."

According to the proposed law, Palestinians who can prove owner ship of land on which outposts were built will not be able to demand evacuation of Jews living there and instead will receive monetary compensation or lands elsewhere.