Tourism Minister: High Court insulted the GSS

Tourism Minister Yariv Levin(Likud) claimed that the High Court acted contemptuously towards the GSS request to delay Amona evacuation.

Chezky Baruch ,

Yariv Levin
Yariv Levin
ללא קרדיט צילום

Tourism Minister Yariv Levin (Likud) responded to the High Court decision not to postpone the evacuation of Amona, stating that the announcement of the decision after the cabinet had authorized the normalization law demonstrates the court's approach to residents of Judea and Samaria.

"The High Court's attitude is outrageous, the decision is a cold shoulder towards the communities in Judea and Samaria, " said Levin to Army Radio. "They ought to behave with a little more humility," he suggested.

"The judges may have impressive knowledge and should be respected for that but they are not experts on everything. They wrote harsh words about the GSS, they banish people from their homes without assessing the implications, " added Minister Levin.

It should be noted that the state's request to postpone Amona's destruction was based on a security opinion prepared by the GSS, stating that the likelihood the community could be evacuated peacefully was much greater if the evacuation could be postponed for a few months.

Chief Justice Miriam Naor wrote that "From material we received it is apparent that the possibility of peaceful evacuation is doubtful at the very least. According to declarations by most Amona residents as stated earlier, most of them oppose the state's intended alternative of relocating to East Shvut Rahel. This opposition obviates the state's request to delay the evacuation in order to prepare this alternative location.

Naor added that "Even though we are not taking lightly the possibility of a peaceful evacuation, this is not the only consideration. Other important considerations should be taken into account such as the damage to private property and to the rule of law."

She added that "There was no need to wait until the last minute to evacuate and it was possible to transfer people's place of residence before the time fixed by the court for evacuation."

The issue of private property is a moot point, since Judea and Samaria were conquered by Jordan in 1949 and under its occupation until 1967, so that land allocated to Arabs during that period, especially since those who claim ownership have not come forward, is not necessarily private land.