Defense Ministry allocates 90 million NIS for Amona evacuation

Defense Ministry earmarks 90 million shekels for Amona evacuation after High Court decision to reject state's appeal for delay.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Gidi Sharon

In the wake of the High Court's decision Monday to reject the postponement of the Amona evacuation, due to take place on Hanukkah, the Defense Ministry has already prepared a budget of 90 million shekels for the evacuation and for the building of a new community to receive those evacuated from Amona, according to a report by Israeli haredi news site Be'hadrei haredim.

According to the site, representatives from the Jewish Home party stated to Be'hadrei haredim that if the Regulation (aka Normalization) Law would pass, they would be willing to waive the article stating that the law should be implemented retroactively, which would mean that Amona will indeed be evacuated. The reason for this is that according to those officials, "Amona is a secondary goal. If sacrificing Amona can save all the other communities, it will be worth it. It is possible that if we accede to the High Court regarding Amona, it will accept the Normalization Law."

Likud officials also expressed similar sentiments Monday evening, stating that "We've already lost Amona, it will be evacuated and the Normalization Law will not prevent the evacuation but it will save the rest of the communities in danger of evacuation."