Doctors fight to save eye of haredi girl injured during protest

18-year old haredi girl was seriously injured after being knocked down by an anti-riot water cannon during a protest in Jerusalem.

David Rosenberg ,

Flash 90

Doctors in the Shaarei Tzedek Hospital in Jerusalem expressed hope on Monday that a surgical operation may be able to save the eye of a teenage haredi girl injured during a protest last week.

Last Sunday night an 18-year old haredi girl from the city of Modi’in Illit was injured as police dispersed protesters near Bar Ilan Street in Jerusalem.

Demonstrators shut down streets across the country in protest of the arrest of Avraham Stern, a yeshiva student and draft refuser. The protests were organized by the Yerushalmi faction, which is staunchly opposed to haredi enlistment in the IDF.

The girl was making her way to a nearby bus stop, where she planned to board a bus and return home to Modi’in Illit.

On her way, however, she was struck by a powerful blast of water fired from a water cannon on an armored anti-riot vehicle deployed by the police to break up protests against the arrest of a haredi draft-dodger.

The girl was knocked over by the sudden blast, hitting the pavement and suffering injuries to her head and upper body.

Hospital officials say the girl’s eye was seriously damaged by the fall, but have expressed hope that an operation scheduled for Monday will be able to save her eye sight.