City hall corruption scandal in Sderot

4 senior city officials arrested as part of investigation into allegations of graft in Sderot municipality.

Ido Ben Porat ,

Police Spokesman's Unit

Three senior officials in the Sderot municipality and one member of the local religious council were detained Monday morning as part of an ongoing investigation into a serious of corruption charges including bribery, embezzlement, fraud, and breach of trust.

Among the alleged crimes committed, police suspect some of the officials in question garnered significant sums of money through misrepresentation, defrauding the city by claiming expenses for events which were never held, and reporting inflated expenses for city events and services while pocketing the extra funds.

As part of the investigation, police detained the four officials for questioning and conducted searches in the homes of the four suspects. Police are also searching for evidence in offices used by the suspects, as well in other unspecified locations relevant to the investigation, including City Hall and the Sderot Religious Council offices.

Police say the investigation is in its initial stages and no additional details can yet be confirmed.

“The investigation is [being handled] in conjunction with the Southern District prosecutor and is in its early stages. At this point in time no additional details can be released.”

Sderot is a town which has suffered the brunt of hundreds of rocket attacks from Gaza, causing several casualties, much destruction and trauma disorders to its citizens, especially the young, with one barrage launched as recently as last month.