Montana synagogue increases security after Neo-Nazi ad campaign

American Nazi Party runs ad blitz in Montana town, prompting synagogue to seek police protection.



A synagogue in Missoula, Montana, requested a police patrol after American Nazi Party fliers accusing Jews of controlling the media were dropped in residential areas of the city.

Har Shalom synagogue asked the Missoula Police Department for the extra patrol on Friday afternoon, the daily Billings Gazette reported. It said it was requesting the patrol as a precaution.

Fliers began appearing around town within 24 hours after the presidential election, the Montana Human Rights Network told the newspaper.

One of the fliers was titled “The Jewish Run Media,” which said that Jews brainwash the public through the media, inducing them to vote for corrupt politicians. The flier requests a $5 donation for an American Nazi Party information kit.

“The Jews’ purpose is to destroy us and our families from the inside out, slowly and gradually perverting us with their own special kind of poison,” according to the flier.

A second flier calls for demands “Free healthcare for the white working class,” and directs readers to the American Nazi Party website.