Farm group by day, terrorism funder by night

Government is tipped off and moves to close fake Israel-Arab organization

Hillel Fendel ,

Released terrorists in Ramallah (Dec. 31 2013
Released terrorists in Ramallah (Dec. 31 2013
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Israel's government has begun the process of closing down an Israeli-Arab NGO because it served as a funnel for the transfer of funds to terrorists.

It was information provided by the Jerusalem-based International Legal Forum (ILF) that spurred the Israel Corporations Authority (ICA) to take the action. The Authority is an arm of Israel's Finance Ministry.

The fraudulent NGO is none other than Lajnat al-Amal al-Zara'I, also known as the Committee of Agricultural Works (CAW).

After the ILF provided irrefutable evidence of CAW's terrorist ties, a rare decision was made to begin proceedings to close it down. The ILF has also demanded that a criminal investigation be opened against members of the CAW.

Information received by the ILF exposed that CAW functioned by deceiving foreign donors, particularly foreign governments and aid organizations, into believing that it was a humanitarian organization. Using its Israeli NGO registration certificate, it actually wired some $9.5 million a year to a Gaza-based terrorist organization, a subsidiary of the Palestinian Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).

Meetings between several officials of the Israel Corporations Authority and the ILF were required before the ILF was informed that action would in fact be taken to close CAW. ICA announced that it had not received satisfactory answers from CAW to its questions.

The ILF now intends to follow up by ensuring that foreign donation entities, such as World Vision, as well as the U.S., Australia and other countries terminate all financial support to CAW. The ILF has also demanded that the Israeli Tax Authority launch an investigation of CAW for tax fraud.

The ILF summed up its success: "In the battle to defend the State of Israel against attempts to weaken it from within, this success is an important step in advancing the ILF's goals."