Peretz: Haredim should integrate in Zionist Union

MK Amir Peretz says that haredi candidates should be included in the Zionist Union's Knesset list.

Yoel Domb ,

Amir Peretz, file
Amir Peretz, file
Miriam Alster/Flash90

Tens of haredi youth who support the Zionist Union met Monday with MK Amir Peretz who told them about his dream of including haredi candidates on the Zionist Union's Knesset list.

During the course of the meeting Peretz told one of the hasidic women present that "one of the items which the Center-Left needs to learn is how to include everyone. To include different cultures and different sectors of society."

Peretz added that "If I will be chosen as head of the party, I will be happy to incorporate a haredi male and all the more so a haredi female in the party's Knesset list."

During the course of haredi party bureau activities, about a hundred haredim registered to join the party. Michal Chernovsky, one of those who established the haredi bureau in the Zionist Union, said yesterday: "We have gathered together many male and female haredim both young and old who are concerned about many issues such as employment conditions of teachers and kindergarten teachers, discrimination in educational institutions, higher education, employment and other issues."

In the last elections, a new haredi women's party failed to pass the electoral threshold. Tzvia Greenfield, a leftist haredi woman living in Har Nof, Jerusalem, was on the Meretz Knesset list in 2006 and entered the Knesset for a short period upon the retirement of Oslo Accords architect Yossi Beilin..